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Suggest questions, careers, and people for the next Click Your Fortune episode

Welcome! We hope you enjoyed the demo of TED-Ed’s most recent series, Click Your Fortune.

What’s this post all about?

This post is the place to suggest what questions, people and careers should be featured in the next episode of  the Click Your Fortune series. You can also vote up someone else’s idea by clicking the star symbol on the left side of their reply. Check out the demo if this doesn’t make sense.

How do I make a suggestion for a future Click Your Fortune Video?

Simply “reply” to this post. You can also “comment” on or “star” someone else's reply to add to it or to let them know that you agree.

Here are a few examples of how you might make a suggestion:

1. “I’d love to see John Green talk about how he balances running a YouTube channel and being an author -- and how the two careers relate.”

2. “It would be awesome to see a scientist at CERN explain what they do each day.”

3. “I’m not sure who it should be, but I would love to see an album art designer explain how he/she got to where they are today.”

4. “I’m fan of Aubrey de Grey’s TED Talk. I’m wondering how he thinks the job industry might change if people live to be 150 years old."

5. “I’ve always wanted to know if being a zoologist is as glamorous as it seems.”

How will this work? When will the next set of videos be posted?

The TED-Ed team is committed to moving mountains to get anyone you want answering any questions you have about any career you’re curious about. We’ll review all “replies” and “comments” on this post (paying special attention to those with the most votes) and reach out to people based on your suggestions. We’ll keep you updated on which submissions we think we can execute well, and when we have enough videos produced, we’ll release another episode of this series here on TED-Ed.

We look forward to reading and acting on your suggestions, and above all we wish all the awesome students and teachers out there good fortunes!
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